Giving and taking is a REQUIREMENT in a relationship. Why, you ask? Well, sorta like breathing, you must breathe in and out. If you only ever breathed one way that would get problematic quickly. Your relationship is a living thing and is constantly changing and growing. It will not survive if you’re only contributing either give or take.

Now, I hear your voice echoing through the hills and valleys of Pennsylvania: “But I’m a giver and it’s selfish to take!”

To you, I have one thing to say, a simple two-word phrase that I scream back at you, hoping the echo will reach you for all of time: “STOP IT!”

Being “a giver” doesn’t mean that you should never take.

In fact, solely giving can be just as toxic as solely taking. Imagine a relationship where I never let you give back to me; I only ever give to you and never let you reciprocate. How’s that feel? Like garbage? Exactly. It’s not selfish to receive from your partner. With a healthy balance of give and take you can actually create a wonderful dynamic of support and friendship in your relationship. 

Another great reason to challenge yourself to find this balance is because it may be a growth opportunity for yourself. If you are someone who likes to handle it all yourself and delegation is a challenge for you, then that right there is a growth opportunity! Trust me, when it comes to practicing give-and-take, your relationship will thank you!

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