A deep connection isn’t solely built off of what you have in common with your partner; or how much fun you have when you are together. Those things help but it doesn’t hold a candle to showing up. When you think about what true friends are, think about the people who show up when you call, who always have your back even though they may be grumpy or disapproving. It’s the people who show up time and again for you, who help you get out of sticky situations, and are veritable “life savers.” Those people who are there through thick & thin and see you for who you really are. 

This is why “found family” can be more important or defining than your actual blood relatives. Your blood family loves you for what you are (a sibling, child, parent, etc.). Your connection is set. However, what true friends are are people who love you for who you are. Like a Pikachu, your found family chooses you! They show up for you and often see you in ways that others won’t. This is the depth that is possible when we show up and really see people for who they are.

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