There is a common misconception that if we accept something, we approve of it. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Acceptance simply means we acknowledge what is going on, not that we like it.

If I break my arm but don’t accept that it’s broken, it doesn’t stop it from BEING broken. It does prevent me from being able to acknowledge it and make it better. If I want my arm to heal, I have to accept that my arm is not in a good way. Only then will I get it taken care of. Having broken my wrist and ankle before, I know that it’s not a pleasant experience. I didn’t like it or approve of it. You won’t see me lining up for more of that, no thank you!

Even if you look around at the war, bigotry, floods & droughts simultaneously, the bullshit the “supreme” court is doing, there’s a lot not to like! However, to be effective in doing something about it, I have to accept that it is happening.

Now, I know sometimes looking at these hideous things may distress you, so look carefully and pace yourself. But we do need to look. The only way we will make this world a place where all of us can live our best lives is to look at the things that don’t work, and do something about them. The same is true for relationships as well. If something isn’t going well, you must accept it and then get in action to do something about it.

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