In spite of popular belief, your personal strength isn’t just about what you are good at. Sure, if you are good at baking you can become a baker, but in all honesty, I would say that is a skill proficiency and not a personal strength. To me, personal strength has to do with who you are and how you act in your life, especially when you’re in the hot seat. It’s the pieces of yourself you rely on when your back is to a wall. Think about these qualities: brave, smart, kind, hardworking, driven, loyal, etc. These parts of ourselves transcend the things we do and reveal our inner strengths.

In order to find yours, think about how you have approached certain situations in your life. Looking back might help you discover more about yourself.

Here’s an example to help you along:

Martial arts: if three people went to the same dojo and learned the same techniques until they were black belts, you might think that they were equals. However, this is far from the truth. One may have a higher pain tolerance; they don’t avoid hits and plow through them to get to you. One has impeccable timing, able to know when to hit at just the right moment. Yet another may analyze your movements, see that you have a slight limp, and thus target your leg. All of their experiences and techniques are the same and yet one may win over the others. Not because of what they have learned but because they utilized their own personal strength.

Look at your greatest successes and failures. See what personal qualities led you to those successes, the ones underneath the “skills.” Once you know where your personal strengths are, then you can plan for more success and satisfaction in your future.

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