It may be pretty cliché to say “Things aren’t always as they seem…” but there’s a lot of truth to it! This isn’t because we live in some kind of hologram world. We aren’t being watched like in The Truman Show. If you think about any action you witness in your life, there’s a lot more to it than you might initially think. Consider someone cutting you off in traffic. You, as the person who was just cut off, are scared and frustrated. You’re cursing at this person’s bumper for cutting in. You are justified in your experience because there is no more information than what you see.

Now let’s switch positions. What if the other driver wants to get to the hospital quickly because their spouse is in labor? That driver isn’t thinking about anything except getting to the hospital as quickly as possible. Sure, they might make sure they aren’t gonna get into a crash when cutting you off, but honestly, they are just focused on getting to the hospital!!

The truth is that we only see a part of any given situation.

That’s why there are so many different eyewitness reports from an accident scene. Everyone who sees this event has a slightly different view of what is actually happening and has a piece of the picture (but not the whole puzzle).

What you need to consider is that the world is far more complicated than you think it is. Everyone has a reason for what they do and how they think. Even if their logic/actions make no sense to you, it does to them!

If you can accept the idea that there’s more than meets the eye at play, then your mindset changes from “My way is right because I think, feel, and see it,” to something that is based on understanding that others may have viewpoints, thoughts, and feelings that reflect a different piece of the whole puzzle.

Let me be clear: it doesn’t mean you must agree with the viewpoints of others. But right now, understanding that there are different points of view is the name of the game. Considering only your own point of view actually blinds you to other possibilities and opportunities. Instead, we need to come together, realize that the whole situation is more complicated than we realize, and find a way through together.

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