There is not a single person alive, dead, or ghostly that has never failed at something. Even the great masters and sages failed at things. It is an inescapable part of being human as none of us are perfect. The moment we do anything, someone is bound to have an opinion about it. This is why in things like the Olympics there are very few perfect scores. This is why growth and innovation are so important: it’s not about reaching the pinnacle of what we’re capable of, but rather doing our best and keep growing.

If you can first accept that failure happens, then you aren’t stopped by it. Instead, you can keep growing, improving, and finding new and different ways to reach your goals. This gives you hope, power, and agency, and the ability to better shape your future.

In truth, you aren’t actually failing. You’re just getting a sense of where you can be stronger.

The choice is yours. When you fall short or make a mistake you can throw yourself under all the buses until you are nothing but a tire mark and flat as a pancake… OR you can accept that there is still progress to be made. So, dust yourself off and do better next time!

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