Deep connections are about more than “I do’s,”  holding hands, and sitting next to each other. Do you want to know how to be more connected to your partner? Here are three essential ingredients you’ll need to create the deep & authentic connections you want in your life!

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Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, from acquaintances to BFFs that you would trust with your life.

The most important thing to consider from the start is what kind of relationship you want with the individual in front of you. 

Looking at what you want is an excellent place to start because then you can decide how invested you want to be in that relationship.

Once you’ve decided the investment is worth it, use these 3 essential ingredients for a deep, meaningful relationship:

1. Openness

If you want more than surface-level interaction in a relationship, you must have a level of openness between you. Openness means talking about things you might not discuss with just anyone;  all your hopes, dreams, fears, thoughts, and imperfect parts of yourself. 

Think about the best relationship you have. Do you feel like you know that person? Have you shared vulnerable and intimate things with them? If yes, then you have a high level of openness with them.

Now for those of you, yes, you, who tend to be an open book with people, I want you to remember to take it slow, especially with new people. Rushing to be open with new people can backfire on you! So start small and start slow.

2. Acceptance

Now that you’ve been around this person for a while, I am sure you know more about them. The more you get to know someone, the more aspects of their personality come to light. Some parts you’ll like, others not so much. 

Here is where acceptance comes in! Accepting the person for their whole being, including their flaws, creates a safe environment where you can thrive together.

Acceptance is especially significant today when people struggle to see past their differences. Remember, just because you care about each other doesn’t mean you always have to agree.

3. Time 

The third factor to keep in mind is time. The BEST relationships take time to build. 

Think about it: if I gave you 5 minutes to tell me everything you could about yourself, and you talked as fast as you could for those 5 minutes, would you feel like I knew you on a deep level? Of course not! 

Time plays two roles: 

A. Because we live in linear time, we only have so much time to spend with those around us. The people you choose to spend time with will be the relationships you nurture, so be careful who you choose.

B. As openness, acceptance, and presence continue, you’ll feel safer and more connected, allowing for deeper, more authentic conversations.

By pairing the conversation about investment with these three factors, you are starting to understand what is required to create a real, connected relationship.

As you go out into your life, I want you to look at your relationships through this lens. 

Every relationship can go deeper, not because you are doing a lousy job, but because people are an ever-growing puzzle with new pieces coming out daily. So there will always be new avenues to explore and places to go deeper.

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