Ohhh, I know I’m gonna get some salty comments for this one! It may be a difficult thing to hear. But, while fun may be enjoyable it can also be a huge distraction. I have heard from hard workers and procrastinators alike that when there is a fun option, or an option that is going to require work, we (myself included) are prone to choosing fun. Why? Because in this crazy world, it’s hard to get the motivation to do one more thing or push ourselves further. If you’re anything like me, you work really hard a lot of the time! So the desire for a break is strong.

I don’t mean that you should never have any fun and keep your nose to the rapidly spinning grindstone of life… because, oww. Instead, I want you to develop the self-control to catch yourself before you reach the point of excess. Really look at the situation in front of you and gauge the amount of rest and fun and determination you need. Right now, with everything going on in the world, you can’t afford to be distracted for too long. If you lose your momentum, it can be hard to get it back! What’s important is to find a balance between work time and playtime.

If you are really worried about losing out on fun, then do yourself a favor and schedule time into your week that is Fun Time. When you have better balance, it’s easier to focus on the tasks at hand. This way you can keep up with your work AND you have something fun to look forward to!

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