Now I know this may be a pretty divisive thing to say, as most people may see the upsets in their own life and the world around them as things that strip them of their personal power. What I want you to consider, however, is that more often than not someone or something has your power because YOU give it to them! Choice IS power!

Now I know some of you might be saying “What about situations where I seriously have “no choice?” Often,  right there is exactly when we GIVE our power away. It’s the choice we make when we say “there is nothing I can do” because then we stop looking.

In reality, we all have to do things we don’t want to, but this doesn’t mean that we are powerless or don’t have any choice. Often when we see a situation we don’t like, we create a judgment. It might look something like “geez this again!” Then we get upset about how the world isn’t working, or how much we feel the situation sucks. And yes, it may suck! But notice in that moment of frustration how much energy we give away. In these moments, the better question to ask yourself is:

“What CAN I do, given this situation? What are my options?”

In a world where you get to be your best self, with all of your amazing qualities, what does that version of you do? Do they just give up, handing off their power to those around them, OR! Do they step forward anyway, powerfully in their life, regardless of the situation? Even in the darkest moments of your life, you can choose to give up or you can stand up and fight for what you want! Remember: choice is power. So which will you choose?

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